Update to Telehealth Payments


To significantly improve security and provide a smoother experience for the payment of Telehealth appointments, Red Tree Practice will be processing our payments through HotDoc. All appointments that are booked as Telehealth (ie phone or video consults) will receive a text message requesting payment details for the appointment at the time of making the booking. All credit card details are then stored securely using the highest encryption standards and only use an anonymous token when interfacing with both HotDoc and the practice (Stripe payments).


These changes mean that your payment details are managed in the most secure way and credit card details do not need to be provided over the phone. Payment details can also be collected once and then used for future appointments.


The relevant amount will not be charged to your provided payment method until after the consultation. Further instructions on HotDoc payments can be found here and additional information about the security features here.


If at any stage you want to verify the legitimacy of a text message or payment request, please don’t hesitate to contact our reception staff on (02) 9211 7666.